Workers' compensation involves injuries that occur "during the course of and scope of employment". In general, if you are injured while performing your job, then workers' compensation will be your exclusive remedy. These injuries can be "single event" injuries or "cumulative trauma" injuries. An example of a single event injury would be an automobile mechanic who strains his back removing a tire from a car at work. Another single event example would be a nurse who slips and falls on a wet floor while going to a patient's room. An example of a cumulative trauma injury would be a data entry employee who develops carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive keyboard activities over time.


Attorney fees are 20% of the final permanent partial disability award at the end of the claim. If there is no recovery, then there is no fee. You never pay anything upfront or out of pocket. The fee is the same regardless of when you hire Stan, therefore, it makes sense to get your money's worth and hire him at the beginning of your case.


Important benefits are available to the injured worker, although they are not always voluntarily or promptly provided by the employer. The employer must provide and pay for medical treatment. The employer gets to pick the treating doctor, however, the employee can request a change of physician one time. If the treating physician has placed the injured worker in a "no work" status, then the employer and its insurance carrier must pay Temporary Total Disability benefits to the injured worker. The employee is entitled to mileage reimbursement for driving to and from medical appointments. After the employee has reached maximum medical improvement and has been released from medical care, then the employee is entitled to compensation for his or her permanent impairment called Permanent Partial Impairment benefits. Permanent Partial Impairment benefits can be worth thousands of dollars.


Multiple Injury Trust Fund (MITF) benefits are available to injured workers who have had two or more workers' compensation injuries, the combination of which renders the employee permanently and totally disabled where he or she can't work anymore. An example would be an employee who had a back surgery claim, a knee surgery claim, and a shoulder surgery claim. Had this employee only had any one of these claims, then he or she would able to work, however, when you place all three claims together at the same time, the employee can't work. Stan Bearden handles MITF claims which are worth at least 15 years of weekly benefits! That's a lot of money! Therefore, if you have had two or more workers comp claim and can no longer work, call Stan now to get the ball rolling, even if you used a different lawyer on your other claims. (918) 746-5551.


Attorney representation is very important in a workers' compensation case. First of all, it is a legal proceeding in a court of law. If you go to a hospital with a medical issue, you need a doctor. If you go to court with a legal issue, you need a lawyer. You get the idea. Your employer will be provided with a defense lawyer by its insurance company to protect its rights and limit your recovery. In addition, you may find yourself being treated by a "company doctor" who does very little for you and tells you to go back to work, even though you know you have a serious injury. The insurance company may give you "the run around" by stalling you, disrespecting you, and not taking you seriously. Or, the insurance company may insult you by offering a settlement which is grossly too low. A skilled workers' compensation attorney can assist you at every step of the legal process to protect your rights, to ensure you get the very best medical care and the very best settlement that the law allows.

With a lawyer, you will almost always recover more money, even after the 20% attorneys fee is paid. Stan Bearden is ready to assist you with all of your workers' compensation needs. The fee is the same whether you hire him at the beginning of your case or at the end, therefore, it makes sense to hire him at the beginning of your case to receive the maximum value. Mr. Bearden has the skill and experience to handle the most serious and complex workers' compensation cases. He has helped hundreds of clients get the benefits they deserve. In order to get you the very best settlement possible, once you are released from treatment, Mr. Bearden will refer you to a doctor that he works with for a detailed report which clearly documents all of your injuries and the amount of permanent partial impairment you have to each injured body part. These rating examinations are extremely important to getting you the money you deserve. Don't settle for a rating examination arranged by the insurance carrier, because their doctors are insurance doctors who will naturally rate you low. Likewise, treating doctors are not the best rating doctors because they are proud of their work and do not want to do anything that will upset the insurance companies who might then send their lucrative business to another clinic.

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