Attorney Stan Bearden

Stan Bearden

Attorney at Law

Born and raised in Morris, Oklahoma, Stan grew up with values like honesty, hard work, and respect. He established his practice in Tulsa and practices law with those same principles.

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The following information can dictate just how much you collect.

How bad were your injuries?

An injury can impact you in all kinds of ways, from the smallest cut to a profound head wound. Emotional and mental difficulties shouldn’t be ignored, either.

How was your life impacted as a result?

Your daily lifestyle depends on being healthy. If you can’t work or become disabled, you may be entitled to receive even more compensation due to your injuries.

Are insurance companies cooperating?

Insurance companies don’t always have your best interests at heart. Don’t sign unfair agreements or fall for false promises. Let Stan ensure you get fair treatment.

Do you have a tough attorney?

Stan is friendly and loyal to his clients, but don’t mistake that for weakness. He’s tough on his opponents and will fight aggressively on your behalf.

You’re not in this fight alone.

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See how Stan has helped past clients just like you.

T-boned Victim Receives Large Settlement

A client's car was "T-boned" by another driver. The airbag deployed, the vehicle was totaled, and the accident required an ER visit via ambulance.

This bodily injury claim settled for $23,170.00.

Appealed Decision Gets Better Results

A cancer patient who would miss 36 days of work per year due to his treatments petitioned for disability.

Client found to be disabled and awarded benefits.

Full and Fair Compensation

After a back injury, my client suffered a herniated disk. Their insurance company didn't want to pay, so we went to the judge.

Judge's award exceeded insurance company's offer.


Stan’s approach is simple and straight to the point. Allow him to help you today.

Decades of experience have taught Stan that no two accident claims are ever the same. He uses his skills, passion, and values to fight for his clients and gives their cases the care and attention to detail that they deserve.


Filing a personal injury claim can be frustrating, especially if it feels like life has dealt you a bad hand or an unfair circumstance. Stan may not be able to change the past, but he can fight for a promising future. When you work with Stan, he'll start by listening to your story and get a real understanding of what happened. You deserve to feel heard during the process, after all. Once Stan knows the important details of your case, he'll come up with a personalized game plan that caters to your needs.


When it comes to personal injury claims, knowledge is power. Stan ensures you get equipped with the proper tools for success. He's honest, fair, and compassionate when it comes to keeping you informed about your situation. Stan has the experience and insight to give you a full understanding of your options and the probable outcome of your case.


No two injury claims are alike. There's no one-size-fits-all strategy for winning a case. Even with decades of experience in the field of personal injury, Stan recognizes the uniqueness of every situation and the people involved. He'll work hard to create a plan that aligns with the needs of the people he's fighting for.