EXPERIENCE - With over 25 years experience handling personal injury matters, Stan knows how to get the results you expect and deserve from your Personal Injury claim.  He has the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of the law to know the value of your claim.  He will work diligently and aggressively to reach the very best settlement possible for you.  He won't settle for less.  While favorable settlements are almost always reached without going to court, rest assured he is ready, willing, and able to go to court, as he loves a good fight over justice and fairness. 

TYPES OF CASES  - We handle basically all types of Personal Injury claims, to include, but not limited to, the following:

1.  Automobile, Motorcycle, 18 Wheeler, Bicycle, and Boat Accidents

2.  Dog Bites, including those for postal workers

3.  Slip and Fall Accidents

4.  Defective Products, including mechanical and medical

5.  Artificial Hip and Knee Implant recalls from companies like Stryker

6.  Nursing Home Neglect

7.  Medical Malpractice. 

No case is too small or too big.  We handle cases ranging from whiplash, to surgery, all the way to an unfortunate death.

ATTORNEY FEES are based upon a contingency fee basis, therefore, you never pay anything up front or out of pocket.  If there is no recovery, then there is no fee.  The attorney fee is taken at the very end of the claim as a percentage of the settlement.  Fees will differ among attorneys, therefore, always inquire about the attorney's percentage.  

MEDICAL CARE is crucial to every personal injury claim.  You should seek medical care as soon as possible following an injury.  If you do not have a doctor or would like to avoid costly co-pays, our office can refer you to numerous doctors who will wait to get paid when the claim settles.   We can even refer to a specialist, if necessary. 

INSURANCE COMPANIES - Let's face it, insurance companies are not pleasant to deal with and are very good at giving injured victims "the run-a-round".  They will make your blood pressure boil!  You need a lawyer who will not tolerate the run-a-round!  Stan has always loved a good fight and will not put up with the insurance run-a-round.  He has fought and haggled with a myriad of insurance companies, to include State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, Geico, USAA, Progressive, Mercury, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Travelers, and Shelter, to name a few.  Make no mistake, dealing with the insurance company without an attorney can cost you thousands of dollars.  Insurance companies are businesses that strive to increase their inflow of money from policies sold and to decrease their outflow of money paid to settle injury claims made against their policy holders.  They are businesses "for profit" and their shares of stock are publicly traded on the major stock markets.  Their goal is "not" to treat you fairly, rather, their goal is to pay out as little as possible and, thus, maximize their earnings per share.  Adjusters are trained to "buddy up" to you and be nice to you to make you believe that they are looking out for your best interest, but, don't be fooled because in the end, they will try to settle with you for as little as possible regardless of what your claim is really worth.  


Tulsa, Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney